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GTS Parallel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder


    Find our high torque twin screw extruder here.

    A modern high-performance extruder is distinguished by its specialized features. A twin screw extruder has evolved in design, performance and productivity through a span of several decades. A twin screw extruder has made it possible to achieve high quality & specialty of plastic compounds applied in the most common products as well as highly engineered products. This kind of products ultimately provides people with a life of higher quality and enables people to reach a higher level of technology.

    Nanjing Gorray has made itself dedicated to the progress of co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extruder design. It has introduced innovative technologies which have further advanced twin screw extruder performance and has created a paradigm shift to its customers by transferring the ability to treat the twin screw extruder as a good mixing vessel.


    Twin screw extruders are extensively used for compounding, mixing or reacting polymeric materials. The flexible structure of a twin screw extrusion equipment allows this application to be specifically targeted for the formula being processed. For instance, the double screw may be either co-rotating or counter-rotating, either intermeshing or non-intermeshing. Additionally, the configuration of the double screws may be widely varied by using forward-conveying elements, reverse conveying elements, kneading blocks, and other designs so as to achieve special mixing effects.

    As an excellent masterbatches compounder, a twin screw extruder should be used with downstream auxiliaries such as strand pelletizer, water ring pelletizer, air cooling pelletizer, eccentric pelletizer and underwater pelletizer. Normally upstream equipments such as high speed mixer, screw uploader, hopper dryer will also be needed. Equipped with a gear pump, a twin screw extruder can make sheet, tube and pipe directly without pre-granulation.

Optimal Configuration and Grade as Torque Output


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