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Sheet&Plate Line  
PET/PLA Sheet Line(No Predrying Process)

  PET is widely used in the field of plastic processing and forming as its excellent properties, such as high transparent, odorless, high-impact, excellent thermoforming and recyclable.

  PET Sheet Extrusion Line (Nondrying Process) can produce monolayer or three-layer sheets, high proportion of recycled materials(recycled PET/PLA/PP/PE/PS/ABS) can be used for the middle-layer production, meanwhile the outer layer consists of the new materials which is mixed with anti-sticking agent. Generally, we use PETG for the outer layer structure, it is a kind of modified and non-crystallization PET, this is what we know ABA three-layers co-extrusion structure.

  GORRAY pay attention to technological innovation, actively introduce advanced foreign technology, and constantly develop new products. We make PET sheet & film by using of Conical Twin-screw Extrusion Line, that will save energy more than 40% as it is multi-channel vacuum exhaust, and no need pre-crystallization & drying process. Due to configuring the non-stop net changer, we can use 100% recycled materials for the production, greatly reduce the cost. At the same time, CaCO₃ and PE can be added together for blending modification to lower costs and improve toughness, that is widely used for making blister flowerpot and lampshade, etc.

  Without any adjustment, this production line can directly produce PLA(polylactic acid) Sheet, grade of full biodegradable material.

  We can use a kind of flexible roller to produce ultrothin sheet(unstretched film).


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