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EVA Film for Solar Panel Production Line

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film is a hot-melt adhesive film, no viscosity and easy to operate at normal temperature. By hot pressing, it will be hot crosslink curing to realize permanent bonding and sealing.

The film is widely used for the encapsulation of solar cells & solar energy battery, construction industry and automobile industry.

Concerning the packaging requirements of photovoltaic modules and combining with the processing characteristics & practical application of products, we developed this EVA solar cell film production line on the basis of the materials science.

1. To ensure the film quality, we adopt Original Screw & Barrel and constant temperature control for this extrusion line.

2. With creative roller structure and constant temperature control technology, we ensure the linear velocity is more than 8m/min.

3. Multiple original technologies ensure that the shrinkage rate meets the standard requirements. Effectively reduce the harm from the heat shrinkage stress to the solar cell film.


Technical Parameters:

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